12/12 Studio Finals

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Here’s my final artist statement…short film to come…

(On a side note I was able to crop and edit this image on wordpress. This was more convenient than trying to use CS4, because after it is saved in gif format, there are a limited amount of editing options. Well, that I knew how to access, so BUENO, wordpress!)


12/09 (12pm-1pm) (10pm-11pm)

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Ok, maybe if I reverse the chaotic visuals with the somber visuals so that when her speech is distorted everything is really somber and inactive it will be less of an obstacle…get rid of some the stills that are sporadically inserted…hmmm…

12/01 Artist Statement

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After some revising—>Thanks Nell! Still needs some work, but I will come back to this…

11/23 Tweaking design idea

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Yesterday I went to Fort Benning for a vigil/protest for the victims of The School of Americas. While I was there I took some photos and four short clips (1 min- 3 min), so that I could show Mark and my mother, as this was the first vigil and organized protest that I have ever attended. As I was looking at my footage, I could not help but to draw parallels between what I imagine the personal struggle and torture of addiction to be like and the little known of tortures and the war that affords the comfort we have in American society. The heinous crimes and torture committed were done so by SOA graduates it is impossible for me to not make a connection between our government training these individuals and our economic policies. I feel that this idea can certainly be extended universally to any nation’s war and particularly the wars that the United States of America are involved in. At whose expense does our freedom come? The happiness and comfort that we have knowing that convenience is but a snap of the fingers or a click of the mouse is brought at whose demise? Out of sight, out of mind. Everything will be o.k. I’m too busy to know where to start to change things. It’s out of my hands. If things changed would I have to suffer?

As I began to think about this more, it only seemed fitting that I would change the visual component of my video.

11/03 It’s time to make it work! 5p-1:30a

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Oh, how I wish my windows (that frame the images) were aligned through the center. Also, me with an exacto knife is not so exacto. And the museum board has retained all of the oil from my grubby little hands. The sloppiness is killing me! But it is finally done! I made a title page to go onto the top wheel. I love that I put the acknowledging credits in a circle around my title, and it was so easy. Thank you illustrator, you made my title page almost effortless! Cutting a perfect circle was not as effortless, but came with some patience.

9/16 Lecture on Elements and Principles of Art

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Although I had heard some of this lecture in a previous course (ART-160), I found it to be interesting and informative. As I was not an Art major, I found it really helpful to be reminded of the principles to bear in mind when writing and talking about art. I sometimes forget to state the obvious when talking or writing my work. This is an important component to writing and speaking about art because we all see and respond to things differently and it is important to communicate the key elements of a piece so that connections can be made between art and the intent behind it. The lecture also gave me more to think about in regard to my alphabet book. I would like for my book to focus on a particular element so that there is an overall connection and theme throughout my design. I’m thinking about the relationship between letters and colors and how this can play into my book. Maybe an alphabet color wheel? Certain letters would be located on specific color slices for example: A=red. hmmm…maybe the color element upstage the showcasing of the font??…

9/14 Studio day

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Today’s class was spent familiarizing us with using Photoshop and Illustrator together. The goal was to take the original photo and make some subtle or drastic changes to the image and save them side-by-side in Illustrator. This is the same format that we will use for the “Alphabet Book” project. I did not accomplish much in class, however, after a break and some time outside of class, I was able to reproach the assignment with enthusiasm. This assignment made me evaluate not just how I take the initial image but how I am seeing the images even before I even take the shot. It also made me think about the aesthetic connection and style I that want to have between all of my photos.